Posted by CANbike on Sat, 18 Jan 2014

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (01/18/14)

Fresh snow at Guelph Lake! Over the last few days, it snowed a couple of inches. As a result, it was time for a Saturday morning mountain bike ride. The studded tires were ditched in favor of 24×3.0” tires for extra flotation on the snow. Gear ratio was 33:18.

Conditions were good, but it was tough biking. Snow was soft and loose; but, it was a fantastic refreshing workout!

Temperature of -8 °C was ideal as the fresh snow was crisp.

Trail Conditions: Good!

Bike Keeping Company with a Riverside Park Bench

Guelph Lake 011814-01

Speed River Trail Double Tracks Have Been Packed Down

Guelph Lake 011814-02

Single Tracks Were Also Good!

Guelph Lake 011814-03

Making Fresh Tire Tracks in the Snow

Guelph Lake 011814-04

The Fresh Snow has Smoothed out the Terrain

Guelph Lake 011814-05

Typical Single Track Snow Trail Conditions

Guelph Lake 011814-06

A View of the Farmer’s Field

Guelph Lake 011814-07

Surly 1×1 + Large Marge Rims + DH Intense 24 × 3.00

Guelph Lake 011814-08

Making Long Tracks in the Fresh Snow Near the Guelph Lake Dam

Guelph Lake 011814-09

It’s White Out There!

Guelph Lake 011814-10

Biking the Scenic Route Through the Less Trafficked Areas

Guelph Lake 011814-11

Blind Turns Through the Tunnel of Pines

Guelph Lake 011814-12