Posted by CANbike on Thu, 16 Jan 2014

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (01/16/14)

Decided to bike Guelph Lake after a bit of a break due to ever changing weather. Short of it, there was lots of snow, followed by warm temperatures above freezing, and finally freezing temperatures. End result is lots of ice.

The parking lot, double tracks, city trails, sidewalks, and Guelph Lake single tracks were all icy. Thanks goodness for studded tires!

Outside of the ice, most trails were good. Large debris from the ice storm has been cleared. Most notable the large downed trees near the Guelph Lake trailhead were removed.

The less trafficked trails (i.e. Homestead), on the other hand, were in poor shape. Snow was too thick to bike through. Fatter tires would of really helped; but given the abundance of slick ice, studded tires were a better option.

Trail Conditions: Good But Icy!

Geese and Ducks Getting Along at Riverside Park

Guelph Lake 011614-01

Ice and More Ice on the Double Tracks

Guelph Lake 011614-02

Slick Ice on the Tight Single Track Turns

Guelph Lake 011614-03

The Metal Bridge on the Speed River Trail

Guelph Lake 011614-04

Serene Water Down by the Lower Level Trails

Guelph Lake 011614-05

Never Noticed This Rest Area Before!

Guelph Lake 011614-06

Tough Heavy Icy Snow to Bike Through

Guelph Lake 011614-07

Frozen Tree Branches have Rebounded but Plenty of Remnants Remain

Guelph Lake 011614-08

A Lost Snow & Ice Traction Cleat

Guelph Lake 011614-09

A Fun Bumpy Single Track Trail

Guelph Lake 011614-10

A Long Icy Trail that Continues to the Boulders

Guelph Lake 011614-11