Posted by CANbike on Wed, 13 Jan 2016

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (01/13/16)

Over 30cm of snow has fallen the past few days! After shoveling the driveway, a trip was made to Guelph Lake for some early morning cycling fun.

It was breath taking and refreshing to see fresh snow on the trails.

Of course the 1×1 with 3” tires was the bike of choice for today!

Trails were mostly good and ridable. The WASPcam loop was nicely packed with an inch or two of snow. The lesser used trails had around 4 inches of snow. Hills were a bit of an issue depending on the trails.

Favorite trail to cycle today was Homestead!

Mini-PHAT in action. Pretty, hip, and thin!

Guelph Lake-011316-01

Lots of geese greeted me at the start of the ride.

Guelph Lake-011316-02

It was a winter wonderland.

Guelph Lake-011316-03

Speed River was still flowing nicely.

Guelph Lake-011316-04

The morning was bright and sunny making the ride even more pleasant.

Guelph Lake-011316-05

Auto-updated GORBA trail map. Snow everywhere was correct.

Guelph Lake-011316-06

These guys marked the GORBA Winter WASPcam Ride Series loop.

Guelph Lake-011316-07

Top of the dam featured a refreshing view this morning.

Guelph Lake-011316-08

WASPcam loop – Child’s Play was awesome!

Guelph Lake-011316-09

Undisturbed snow to plow through and break new trails! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Guelph Lake-011316-10