Posted by CANbike on Thu, 2 Jan 2014

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (01/02/14)

Yowza, it was a cold day today. Afternoon temperature was -18 °C with a wind chill of -26 °C.

Could not resist a winter mountain bike ride at Guelph Lake.

Bike was equipped with 2.1” studded tires just to be safe as Guelph Lake tends to be icy.

Snow was icy and hardened. It provided plenty of flotation. Tire pressure was around ~10 psi.

Rollercoaster was in good shape except for a fallen tree at the bottom. There was a clear detour onto Grand Trunk Trail.

Grand Trunk Trail was also in good shape. However, there were a couple of large downed trees blocking the trails near the trailhead. There was a detour onto the adjacent farm land.

West Nile was a mess with downed tree branches.

Homestead was in good shape. A few tight spots due to low iced branches, but most of the trail has been cleared.

Mad Hatter had one area with low branches on the hill. The rest of the trail was good.

Devil’s Backbone was a mixed bag. There were a couple of downed trees near the south west entrance, and some low branches near the north east entrance.

Dragon’s Tongue and Firefly were in good shape. However, Upper Jurassic was a mess with fallen trees banches everywhere. Too much walking!

Snake Charmer was in good shape, while the adjacent South Park trail has a large downed tree blocking the trail.

Lastly, Child’s Play was in good shape.

Trail Conditions: Good!

A View of the Farm Land from Rollercoaster

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-01

The Speed River Resting Point

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-02

Biking Over the Mini Boulder at Homestead

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-03

The Trails at Homestead have been Cleared

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-04

Watch out for Icy Hawthorn Trees

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-05

The Grand Trunk Trail Pine Tunnel

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-06

Poor Visibility at the Top of Guelph Lake Dam

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-07

Boulders and Plants Covered in Snow

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-08

Biking on the Edge of the Lake

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-09

A Coarse Bumpy Icy Trail

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-10

A Firefly Pine Tunnel

CANbike - Guelph Lake 010214-11