Posted by CANbike on Fri, 18 Apr 2014

Trail Maintenance: Guelph Lake (4/18/14)

Trail maintenance at Guelph Lake on a Good Friday afternoon. Joined a few GORBA members to check out the trail conditions, and maintain the trails.

Trails conditions were better than expected. Most of the snow and ice had melted away! However, a few weeks of warm sunny weather are required to fully dry out the trails. Notably the Mad Hatter trail entrance to the pine tunnels was muddy and wet.

We were equipped with bow saws, loppers, and pruners. Mostly fine tunning work was done, but a few dangerous branches were removed and a small number of dangerously slanted dead trees were felled.

Clean up went well as the first sections of West Nile, Mad Hatter, and South Park were cleared in less than 2 hours. There was still a lot to do, but it was saved for another day!

Trail Conditions: Muddy! Needs Time to Dry.

Victoria Trail Head Entrance

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-01

Grand Trunk Trail

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-02

Cleared the Path and Covered the Shortcuts

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-03

A New West Nile Log Pile

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-04

Mad Hatter Entrance is Muddy and Wet!

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-05

Very Little Snow and Ice in the Tree Covered Areas

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-06

South Park Had a Little Bit of Ice

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-07

Cycling Tracks on Mad Hatter

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-08

The Speed River was Overflowing and Deeper Than Normal

Guelph Lake-Trail Maintenance-041814-09