Posted by CANbike on Sun, 30 Aug 2015

Trail Maintenance: Guelph Lake (08/29/15)

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-01

Over four hours was volunteered at the GORBA trail maintenance session at Guelph Lake! Time flies when fun features are added to a trail.

Before the fun stuff started, there was a little bit of rerouting on Hell’s Kitchen. The new trail, parallel to the closed eroded section, needed some modifications to improve the flow up the hill.


Next scheduled stop was Monkey Wrench to check on reports of a fallen tree blocking the path. However, before getting there, the area between Hell’s Kitchen and Monkey Wrench was explored for potential expansion of the trails. Along the way a nice boulder was found.

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-02

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-03

There was no way this wouldn’t be added as it was just to the side of an existing trails. After clearing debris, trimming a few branches, cutting a few vines, and removing one dead tree, a new alternate path going straight over the boulder was formed!

Fallen Tree on Monkey Wrench

Afterwards, Monkey Wrench was traversed for the reported large fallen tree blocking the path. It was found on the side of trail. Some thoughtful Guelph Lake users had moved the tree. Thanks!

Skinny on Highway

A section on Highway, a heavily used trail, needed a bit of work on the double track section. Two skinnies were joined at an angle to follow the curve of the trail. The other half of the double track remains dry, and acts as bypass to the skinny.

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-04

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-05

Bridge on Pinball

A section on Pinball, before Dragon’s Tongue, had some problems. Some people tried to divert around this section, but it was muddy too.

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-06

The area was cleared of debris, and trimmed back to add the bridge onto cinder blocks.

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-07

Though the bridge was steady, a bypass was also added on the side. In addition, further pruning was done to increase direct sunlight into the area.

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-08

One end of the bridge featured a drop, so it was ramped up with scrap lumber.

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-09

The opposite end had a rotted rung, which was replaced with a new lumber. A small drop was ramped with logs and rocks.

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-10

None of us brought our bikes, but fortunately a couple of novice recreational cyclists passed by and were willing to test the bridge. Reports were good!

Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-082915-11

Final Words

I’ve not been to Guelph Lake for a while. Now there are three more reasons to go there. A boulder, a skinny, and a bridge!