Posted by CANbike on Tue, 17 Dec 2013

Snow Trail Pictures (12/17/13)

It was tough biking at Puslinch Tract today. There was even more snow and it was starting to reach the limits of biking.

Some single tracks were biked, specifically those with fresh undisturbed snow. It was tough going, as some sections had more than 8” of snow. After 75 minutes of slow biking, I opted for the easier double tracks. Unfortunately, they were rough and choppy.

Bike was equipped with 24 × 3” tires. Single speed gear ratio of 35:22. Gear ratio felt a bit low. In addition, it was easier biking yesterday fixed gear with a 2.1” rear tire.

Trails Near the Car Park were Still Rough

Puslinch Tract 121713-01

Sky was Overcast and Snow was Falling

Puslinch Tract 121713-02

A Wave Like Pattern of Snow on a Tree Branch

Puslinch Tract 121713-03

This Single Track was Covered with 8” of Snow

Puslinch Tract 121713-04