Posted by CANbike on Fri, 21 Nov 2014

Snow Biking: Guelph Lake (11/21/14)

Wow! This week of biking has been a ton of fun as the winter biking season started early. Fortunately, more snow has fallen since last Tuesday, which meant another outing at Guelph Lake for more snow biking excitement.

Of course the trails were great with another fresh layer of snow. In addition, the weather was sunny with blue skies.

  • The parking lot was great with fresh snow on the grass for messing around on the bike. Note, straight lines are boring. Zigzags are more fun.
    Guelph Lake-Snow Biking-112114-01
  • Most single track trails had a fair amount of foot traffic which resulted in choppier conditions.
    Guelph Lake-Snow Biking-112114-02
  • The sun was at a low angle and glaring all afternoon.
    Guelph Lake-Snow Biking-112114-03
  • There was notable less snow on the Guelph Lake dam. Most of the snow had drifted or was blown lower downhill.
    Guelph Lake-Snow Biking-112114-04
  • Highway” was fast and flowy. The fresh layer of snow smoothed out the trail and cushioned it.
    Guelph Lake-Snow Biking-112114-05
  • The “ant hill” was even better with snow on it.
    Guelph Lake-Snow Biking-112114-06
  • Here’s a picture of the “ant hill” next to the 1×1.
    Guelph Lake-Snow Biking-112114-07
  • End of the day, the tires looked like they had goose bumps from the cold weather excitement.
    Guelph Lake-Snow Biking-112114-08