Posted by CANbike on Sat, 5 Apr 2014

Puslinch Tract Closed Due to Dangerous Conditions

No biking today, but decided to check out the conditions at Puslinch Tract since I was passing by. Trails are closed due to hazardous conditions.

According to the GRCA news room article, Ice storm cleanup shifts to rail-trails, trails are closed due to numerous hazardous trees and branches resulting from the late December 2013 ice storms. Trails will reopen after GRCA crews and contractors make the trails safe again. However this may be a lengthy process due to the number properties owned by the GRCA.

With temperatures warming up, trees and branches affected by the ice storm are now snapping and falling. In addition, some of them are dangerously hanging onto other tree like a loaded spring.

Since I was passing by, I took a a quick look at the west parking lot area. At the entrance, was the GRCA closure notice and a number of broken tree branches dangerously hanging in plain site. Best to heed their warning.

Trail Conditions: Closed Due to Hazardous Trees and Branches

Puslinch Tract Closure Sign

Puslinch Track-Closed-Due-to-Dangerous-Conditions-040514-01

Slick Wet Ice at the Entrance

Puslinch Track-Closed-Due-to-Dangerous-Conditions-040514-02

Pond is Thawing Out

Puslinch Track-Closed-Due-to-Dangerous-Conditions-040514-03

Broken Hanging Tree Branches to the Entrance Left

Puslinch Track-Closed-Due-to-Dangerous-Conditions-040514-04

Broken Hanging Tree Branches to the Entrance Right

Puslinch Track-Closed-Due-to-Dangerous-Conditions-040514-05

Once Again Trails are Closed Due to Hazardous Conditions

Puslinch Track-Closed-Due-to-Dangerous-Conditions-040514-06