Posted by CANbike on Fri, 11 Jul 2014

Pictures: Road Ride (07/11/14)

Wonderful sunny weather today! No time to mountain bike, but there was enough time for a quick road ride!

Lush Green Plants and Partially Cloudy Bright Blue Skies

CANbike Road Ride-071114-01

Admiring the Green Field and Hill

CANbike Road Ride-071114-02

Even the Turns and Hills had a Welcoming Green Look to Them!

CANbike Road Ride-071114-03

Top of the Hill is Greeted with More Sunny Warm Weather

CANbike Road Ride-071114-04

To Bike to the Left, or the Right, or on the Painted White Line Edge?

CANbike Road Ride-071114-05