Posted by CANbike on Sat, 21 Nov 2015

New Trails (Digger, East Nile) and a Tractor Tire at Guelph Lake

There are two new intermediate / advance trails at Guelph Lake. They were built on November 1, 7, and 14 at GOBRA trail build days. I attended all three. Anyway, here’s what the many fantastic volunteers managed at three trail build days!

Guelph Lake-November-2015-New Trails

Guelph Lake-November-2015-New Features


Intended as a reroute of Mad Hatter’s muddy section near the Pine tunnel, a new trail was cut. It features rocks, boulders, and a tractor tire! Trail ranges from intermediate to advance.

  • Entering from the trailhead (Victoria Road), there are now three options (Grand Trunk Trail, Mad Hatter, and Digger).
    Guelph Lake-Digger-01
  • The start of Digger features rock piles.
    Guelph Lake-Digger-02
  • Some small boulders on the trail.
    Guelph Lake-Digger-03
  • A larger boulder. It’s ramped on the other side.
    Guelph Lake-Digger-04-Boulder
  • A tractor tire followed by a boulder. It is asking to be ridden over or at least attempted to be ridden over.
    Guelph Lake-Digger-05-Tractor Tire
  • At the opposite end, approaching on Mad Hatter from the pine tunnel, the Digger entrance is on the left.
    Guelph Lake-Digger-06

East Nile

The West Nile trail has been extended all the way to Roy’s Ridge. Currently known as East Nile, it is divided into two parts. An advanced rocky section with off-camber sections, and an intermediate section with fun features. The two parts merge at multiple points to allow alternate paths.

  • Approaching from the trail head (Victoria Road), East Nile entrance is near the end of West Nile where it merges onto Grand Trunk Trail.
    Guelph Lake-East Nile-01
  • Entrance features a long rock pile on the advance section.
    Guelph Lake-East Nile-02
  • Further up on the intermediate section is a Whoop-De-Do.
    Guelph Lake-East Nile-03
  • A rock pile, another of many new features.
    Guelph Lake-East Nile-04

Roy’s Ridge

Roy’s Ridge 1 and 2 have been around for some time; though, they remain relatively unknown. Entrance was off of Homestead and easily missed as it was at the apex of a sharp turn. Nonetheless, East Nile now connects directly to Roy’s Ridge. Access from Homestead has also been moved to reflect this.

  • The entrance to Roy’s Ridge features a rocky trail.
    Guelph Lake-Roy's Ridge Entrance-01
  • More rocky trails before the split to Roy’s Ridge 1 and 2.
    Guelph Lake-Roy's Ridge Entrance-02
  • Roy’s Ridge 1 is tough.
    Guelph Lake-Roy's Ridge I-04
  • Roy’s Ridge 2 is even tougher!
    Guelph Lake-Roy's Ridge II-03

Homestead Access to Roy’s Ridge

The southwest access to Roy’s Ridge has been moved. When approaching from the west entrance to Homestead, access is on the right after the double rock pile.

  • After this rock pile, turn right onto East Nile to access Roy’s Ridge.
    Guelph Lake-Homestead's New Entrance to Roy's Ridge

Rollercoaster Berms!

One modification was made to Rollercoaster. There are now five berms at the northern section on the descent. In addition, access onto Grand Trunk Trail has been moved further down to improve the merging of the two trails.

  • One of the berms at the bottom of the descent.
    Guelph Lake-Rollercoaster Berm