Posted by CANbike on Wed, 31 Jul 2013

Items Posted: Fat Bike Manufacturers

A list of fat bike manufacturers has been compiled and posted as section, "Fat Bike Manufacturers", in the article Fat Bikes: Fatty Got Back

Written on July 31 (2013), the article includes most of the major brands and independent fabricators with a known web presence. In addition it also includes a list of the various fat bike models with direct links to the manufacturers website.

Surprisingly, there were more than 30 fat bike manufacturers, which in turn were offering more than 70 different models of fat bikes for adventure biking!

New Competition

The Surly Pugsley is the most well known fat bike as it started the fat tire revolution. But, many manufacturers are now offering or will soon be offering bikes in the adventure category.

Most significant will be Kona and Specialized with plans to release fat bikes in late 2013. Norco has plans to release a fat bike in 2014.

Note, these companies have also been included on the list of fat bike manufacturers with links to their official announcement or product page.


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