Posted by CANbike on Mon, 16 Dec 2013

Infrared Snow Trail Pictures (12/16/13)

Trails were poor today. There was around 4-5” of snow covering the single tracks and double tracks. It was a ton of work pedaling through the snow. Smallish hills were okay to climb, medium hills were not. Tire pressure was lowered to below 10 psi for improved traction.

On Friday, there was around an inch of snow covering Puslinch Tract.
On Saturday morning, there was two inches of snow covering Guelph Lake.
Today, Monday afternoon, there was four or more inches of snow covering Puslinch Tract.

Infrared Snow Photo

Infrared photos were poor today due to bad lighting. Should of used a regular camera!

The following were processed by Imagemagick due to limited time.

mogrify -colorspace Gray -auto-level -normalize -resize 900x -quality 75 *.jpg

Hikers and Skiers Have Ventured onto the First Pond

Puslinch Tract 121613-01

Double Track Snow Trails were Loosely Packed by Hikers

Puslinch Tract 121613-02

Panaracer Cinder Cone 2.1” is an Excellent Snow Tire!

Puslinch Tract 121613-03

Continental Diesel’s Knobs were Clearing Snow Well

Puslinch Tract 121613-04

Rear Wheel Rim Caking with Snow

Puslinch Tract 121613-05

The Snow was Getting Deeper Further Along the Single Tracks

Puslinch Tract 121613-06

Pedals were Striking Through the Surface of the Snow

Puslinch Tract 121613-07

Close-up of a Tree Branch Covered in Snow

Puslinch Tract 121613-08

Looked Way Up and Watched out for Falling Snow

Puslinch Tract 121613-09

A Heavily Trafficked Double Track Trail

Puslinch Tract 121613-10