Posted by CANbike on Wed, 20 May 2015

Information Posted: Arkell Spring Trails

Arkell Spring Grounds (a.k.a Arkell Spring trails, Arkell Forest) information has been posted. Located just outside the city of Guelph, in the Township of Puslinch, it is a low traffic area. It's too long for most recreational walkers, especially with the neighboring Starkey Hill and Smith Property Loop providing better options.

It is also too small an area for cyclists. However there are steep hills, rocks, roots, and lots of log piles! Some great technical options for those in Guelph; though, not worth the drive for out of town visitors.

A better option, though, would be to combine the Arkell Spring trails with the Smith Property Loop, and the trails following the Eramosa river (connecting Cook's Mill Road, Stone Road East, Victoria Road South, James Street East), to form a 17+ km trail. Reverse it to form a 30+ km off-road loop.

Arkell Spring trails should not be overlooked.

Click here to view information about the Arkell Spring trails.