Posted by CANbike on Thu, 21 Feb 2013

Ice Report: Twin Ponds (02/21/13)

Bike was equipped with studded tires (2.1" front, 2.1" rear) at 30 psi. The intent was to bike on the frozen ice at Twin Ponds!

Weather was fantastic with blue skies and plenty on sunlight. Temperature was around -4 °C. Could not resist a quick late afternoon venture outdoors.

Even though the trip was too bike on the ponds, I did take a quick spin around Puslinch Tract.

Double Tract

The double tracks snow trails were in very good condition. Short of being great due to the ice. However, it was not a concern with the studded tires. The snow trails have been nicely packed down which allowed for a very fast pace. Those with regular tires should be careful due to all the ice, which was sometimes hidden.

Single Tract

I also rode about 25% of the pines trails, focusing mostly on the parts near the highway 401 rest area. The trails were surprisingly good and ridable. The packed snow trails have firmed up nicely and have been widened a little. There's been some traffic from hikers who have helped to pack the trails down. The path starts off being 6" wide, but slowly narrows to about 3" wide as the trails progress. Still ridable with regular tires, if the bike stays on the path. Veer off and it becomes difficult. The moderate hills are climbable, and the larger hills are improving. Some of them are also climbable. Packed snow was roughly 2" deep, very little ice. Overall, of the sections biked, about 90% was ridable.

Twin Ponds

The ponds themselves were great! Ice was firm and coarse. Some sections had snow drift that was around 1" deep but it was easy to cycle through. Other sections were clear of snow and consisted only of ice. There's been signs of foot traffic, and snowmobile traffic but nothing to cause an overly bumpy surface. Lots of fun! In addition, the tiny islands were easily accessible, but had too much snow to bike through.

Ice Conditions: Great

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