Posted by CANbike on Wed, 26 Mar 2014

Ice Biking: Guelph Lake (03/26/14)

Bitter sweet bike ride this afternoon at Guelph Lake. Trails were in fantastic shape and the weather was great. But this might of been the last ice biking day of the season! Long term weather forecast predicts warm temperatures and rain. Has spring finally arrived? Will all the snow and ice melt?

With a temperature of -10 °C, partially cloudy blue skies, the opportunity was taken to have a blast mountain biking and to venture onto the lake!

Extra photos were snapped for the possible end of this ice biking season.

Bike was equipped with studded tires. Tire pressure was 17 psi.

Single track and double track trails were in fantastic shape. It was either hard packed snow or ice. The heavily trafficked trails were fast flowy and fun. The lesser trafficked trails were continuous bumpy fun. Even better was the flotation on the snow making previously unrideable areas awesome.

The lake was awesome too! It was still frozen solid with a few ridges for added fun. Around the lake edges, snow was still deep but provided plenty of flotation. Further out onto the lake, the ice was smooth and slick. Oddly enough, the boundary edges were slightly sloped making for some off-camber icy turns. Studded tires were necessary for those sections!

Based on the long term forecast, this may of been the last ice biking day of the season, and it was a blast. Fantastic weather, fantastic trails, and a fun frozen lake.

Alas, it is probably time to tune-up the urban bike and patiently wait for the ground to thaw out and dry for a warmer season of biking.

Trail Conditions: Excellent!

Speed River Trail Entrance Off of Woodlawn Road

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-01

Making Long Skid Marks on the Ice

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-02

Bumpy Slopes

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-03

Smooth Slopes

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-04

Lots of Hard Packed Snow Trails

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-05

Macro Shot of Studded Tires

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-06

Slippery Steep Icy Slope

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-07

Close-up of the Icy Slope

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-08

A Road Bike and Urban Bike Locked Up on Top of the Dam

  • They both have racks and fenders too!
  • The Kona has disc brakes

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-09

Semi-Icy Slopes Next to the Dam Slopes

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-10

Making Tracks on the Packed but Still Deep Snow

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-11

Making Even More Tire Tracks!

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-12

Debating About Going on to the Lake

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-13

Right Side Angle Portrait Close-up

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-14

Left Side Angle Landscape Close-up

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-15

Some Ridable but Deeper Snow Near the Lake Boundaries

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-16

Gratuitous Close-up Photograph

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-17

Small Icy Ridges and Cracks on the Lake

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-18

Making Snow Tracks on the Lake!

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-19

Icy Obstacles on the Lake

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-20

Ice Must of Melted, Cracked, and Refroze to Form These Ridges

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-21

Close-up of Ice Cracks on the Lake

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-22

This Lake Ice was Smooth and Slippery

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-23

Photograph of the Front Wheel on the Lake

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-24

Final Close-up of the Studded Tire on the Ice

Ice Biking-Guelph Lake-032614-25