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Halton Agreement Forest Trail Association (HAFTA)

The Halton Agreement Forest finally has a trail association known as HAFTA! In a word, awesome.

HAFTA is a non-for-profit association that preserves, protects and promotes mountain bike access and diverse riding opporunities on Halton Region Lands.

HAFTA – Halton Agreement Forest Trail Association

HAFTA-Halton Agreement Forest Trail Association

Officially formed around the end of 2014, this was much welcomed news to off-road cyclists as there was a lack of organization and representation for mountain bikers. As a result, trail access was at stake. Now with HAFTA, cyclists will be represented to the landowners of the Agreement Forest. In addition, there will be regularly scheduled trail maintenance and development days.

Boardwalk Construction (November 10, 2013) Halton Region Agreement Forest-Boardwalk Construction.png

Registered on February 14, 2015, the website went live in March and started accepting memberships.


HAFTA can also be found with the Twitter handler @AgreementForest. Their first tweet was on March 23, 2015.

Halton Regional Forest Complex

The Agreement Forest is composed of six areas:

  • Currie Tract
  • Mahon Tract
  • Turner Tract
  • Robertson Tract
  • Britton Tract
  • Cox Tract

Located near Hilton Falls, they are a popular destination for biking around in the winter and the summer.

Halton Region Agreement Forest Complex Map

HAFTA La Vista

The Agreement Forest is great place for biking, and will become even better with the formation of HAFTA. Hope to see many cyclists on the trails!

Keep Calm and Hafta La Vista Baby

Have To

“Hafta” is also slang for “have to”. It is a written form of a reduction of have to.

Whether or not the trail association was intentionally named so, it is very befitting. There was a huge risk the Agreement Forest would be closed off to cycling due to a lack of representation and organization. This was in part due to no closely located bike clubs or associations, even though, plenty of cyclists used the trails. Fortunately some of these cyclists united to form a trail association to build, maintain, ride, and represent users of the Halton Region Agreement Forest. Let’s just say they “hafta” do it for good of the mountain biking community! So if you enjoy the trails, please show HAFTA your support.

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