Posted by CANbike on Sat, 21 Nov 2015

HAFTA Trail Work Day - November 21. 2015

Today four hours was volunteered at the HAFTA Trail Work Day. Around 50 volunteers showed up at the Halton Region Agreement Forest to help with the construction of 100+ feet of boardwalks. What was scheduled for November 21 (9am – 1pm), and 22 (9am – 1pm) was all completed today in 3.5 hours. Wow, many hands do make light work.

Weather was around freezing, and it snowed a bit.

A $30 log cart was brought to haul lumber. A slight modification was made to change the wheels from 10” to 13”. The axle was also changed to accommodate the larger wheels.

The terrain is rocky and small hills have to be climbed and descended. Let’s just say this little guy delivered the goods!

  • Log cart parked on the side of the trail after delivering the 4×4. It also keeps the lumber nicely stacked and off the ground until used.
    HAFTA Trail Work Day-November 21 2015-01
  • Rear view of the log cart. The lumber sits just above and in front of the wheels without issue.
    HAFTA Trail Work Day-November 21 2015-02

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