Posted by CANbike on Sat, 25 Apr 2015

[GORBA] Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance (04/25/15)

It’s spring! Trails were in need of some maintenance. The Guelph Off Road Bicycling Association (GORBA) scheduled a trail maintenance at Guelph Lake for April 25, 2015 (9 a.m.). Since I was up early in the morning and needed some fresh air, it was good opportunity to volunteer. Not too many photos were taken, as work had to be done.


Upon arrival, there were 20+ volunteers ready to help out, which was a pleasant surprise.

The itinerary was to rake and clear as many trails as possible. Given that most volunteers brought a rake, and the rest were provided with a rake or garbage bags, a fair number of trails would be cleared.

Volunteers were split into four groups and assigned different trails. The Grand Trunk Trail, Rollercoaster, West Nile, Homestead, Mad Hatter, Devil’s Backbone, Firefly, Jurassic Park, Upper Jurassic, and portions of Highway were all cleared in three hours.

GORBA-Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-042515-01

Trail Conditions

Trails were still not dry. Some sections were very muddy and need time to dry before being ridden on by bike. However, based on current conditions they will dry quickly. It will be an early May biking season!

GORBA-Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-042515-02

Fallen Trees

Fortunately, very little pruning was required. However, there were three large fallen trees. One on Homestead between Grand Trunk Trail and Devil’s Backbone, and two on Jurassic Park. All I did was spot them, and report it to the GORBA president. He was the one equipped with tools and the experience for felling a large tree.

  • Suspended trees are dangerous and can cause injury when felled incorrectly

A part of this suspended tree branch was hanging over the trail

GORBA-Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-042515-03

GORBA President in Action

GORBA-Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-042515-04

This was only a tree branch. The Trunk is on the ground.

GORBA-Guelph Lake Trail Maintenance-042515-05