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GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day (01/24/16)

It was Sunday morning, and I decided to attend the GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day event (January 24, 10am-4pm).

To say the least, it was busy. The Riverside Park parking lot was packed from the start and never eased. Like everyone else I was there to test a few fat bikes. Fortunately, there was plenty of snow, below freezing temperatures, and packed snow trails at Guelph Lake to test the bikes!



The vendors made the event possible by bringing their fleet of fat bikes for attendees to test. Thanks to them all for the chat!

Vendor Bike(s)
Backpeddling Apollo, KHS, Surly
The Bicycle Tailor Devinci, Rocky Mountain, True North
Paramount Sports Specialized
Royal Distributing Marin, Surface 604
Speed River Bicycle Trek

  • 9point8 was also there with fat bikes equipped with their drop posts.

Demo Rides

The number of fat bike is overwhelming and they are becoming more diverse. In particular there are now kids fat bikes with 24” wheels, and sleek power assisted fat bikes. What caught my attention was the following:

The KHS 4 Season 300SF

  • A kids fat bike with 24” wheels and 4” tires.
  • 24 gears.
  • Standard geometry which is good.
  • Handlebars are a bit wide but can easily be shortened.
  • Tires are a bit slick but perform well.
  • It’s an excellent bike for kids!

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-18

Trek Farley 24

  • Another kids fat bike with 24” wheels and 4” tires.
  • 1×9 gears!
  • Knobby tires are excellent.
  • Crank and pedals are mediocre. They are usable but consider upgrading them.
  • Another excellent bike for kids.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-06

Surface 604 Boar E350

  • Power assisted fat bike.
  • A blast for plowing through snow.
  • Lots of fun, but the battery drains quickly plowing through the snow and up off-road hills.
  • Power assist only works when pedaling.
  • Power assist is great to use an alternate form of transportation.
  • Off-road it’s a 60lb beast to push when the battery dies.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-23


Apollo was a pleasant surprise. They are a well know Australian bike company whose bikes are being imported to Canada. Their fat bikes feature some bright and colorful paint jobs along with unique looking forks.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-06-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-07-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-08-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-09-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Apollo-10-thumb.jpg


The only Devinci at the show. A nice white fat bike.

Wish Devinci had a larger presence, as people were asking to demo their bikes.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Devinci-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Devinci-02-thumb.jpg


There were several KHS 4 Seasons fat bikes. Most notable was the kids fat bike, and a sleek looking carbon frame fat bike.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-06-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-07-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-08-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-09-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-10-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-11-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-12-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-13-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-14-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-15-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-16-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-17-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-18-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-19-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-20-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS-21-thumb.jpg


Not fat, but a sweet titanium framed Kona with a 9point8 dropper post.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Kona-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Kona-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Kona-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Kona-04-thumb.jpg


A semi-fat bike for around a grand. Wheels are 29“x3.00”.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Marin-01-thumb.jpg

Rocky Mountain

West-coast inspired paint job on this fat bike. Probably the best looking bike at the event!

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Rocky Mountain-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Rocky Mountain-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Rocky Mountain-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Rocky Mountain-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Rocky Mountain-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Rocky Mountain-06-thumb.jpg


Specialized Fatboy were out in numbers and popular at the event.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Specialized-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Specialized-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Specialized-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Specialized-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Specialized-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Specialized-06-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Specialized-07-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Specialized-08-thumb.jpg

Surface 604

The Boar E350 was at the show. Too bad only one model was available to demo, and confined to the parking lot.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surface 604-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surface 604-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surface 604-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surface 604-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surface 604-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surface 604-06-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surface 604-07-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surface 604-08-thumb.jpg


Good old Surly, a pioneer of mainstream fat bikes. Sadly one model was available at the event.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surly-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surly-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surly-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Surly-04-thumb.jpg


Trek was out in force with their Farley fat bikes, kid fat bike, and the semi-fat Stache with 29“x3” wheels.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-06-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-07-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-08-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-09-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-10-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-11-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-12-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-13-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-14-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-15-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-16-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-17-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-18-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-Trek-19-thumb.jpg

True North

True North went all out with the internal gear belt driven Rohloff Speedhub. Definitely a unique and cool fat bike at the event.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-06-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-07-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-08-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-09-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-True North-10-thumb.jpg


Not a fat bike manufacturer, but 9point8 brought fat bikes equipped with their dropper post.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-9point8-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-9point8-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-9point8-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-9point8-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-9point8-05-thumb.jpg

Miscellaneous Photos

Some random photos of different bikes grouped together.

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS and Apollo-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS and Apollo-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS and Apollo-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS and Apollo-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS and Apollo-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS and Apollo-06-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS and Apollo-07-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-KHS and Apollo-08-thumb.jpg

More Demo Ride Photos

Additional photos from testing the bikes on the trails. The trails at Guelph Lake were in fantastic shape!

GORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-01-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-02-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-03-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-04-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-05-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-07-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-08-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-09-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-10-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-11-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-12-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-13-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-14-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-15-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-16-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-17-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-18-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-19-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-20-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-21-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-22-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-23-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-24-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-25-thumb.jpgGORBA FATBIKE Demo Day-CANbike-012416-26-thumb.jpg

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