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GORBA Fat Bike Demo Day (11/27/16)

This past Sunday was the GORBA Fat Bike Demo Day. Weather was cool with a high of 4°C but felt like -2°C with wind chill. Those with helmets and i.d. (drivers license) could take the bikes for a spin on the trails.

Event: GORBA Fat Bike Demo Day
Date: November 27, 2016
Location: Riverside Park Bandshell off of Woodlawn Road

Highlights of the event are as follows:

Backpeddling arrived in this truck with an eye catching paint job.

Backpeddling at Demo Day-1.jpg

9point8 featured a dropper post with eight inches of travel!

9point8 at Demo Day-1.jpg

They also demonstrated their mini allen torque key.

9point8 at Demo Day-3.jpg

Bar Mitts at the Bicycle Tailor booth.

Bar Mitts-1.jpg

Winter Bot also at the Bicycle Tailor booth.

Bar Mitts Winter Bot at Demo Day-1.jpg

GORBA booth had free hot dogs! Meat or vegetarian were the two choices and much appreciated on a coolish day.

Free Food at Demo Day-2.jpg

9point8 had this Giant fat bike with custom highly reflective decals.

Giant at Demo Day-1.jpg

The GORBA tent for inquiries, membership sign up, refreshment, and food.

GORBA Tent-1.jpg

Also at the 9point8 booth was this Intense Tracer T275. 27.5×4 tires.

Intense Tracer T275 at Demo Day-2.jpg

Backpeddling had the KHS kids fat bike (4 Season 300SF). 24×4 tires.

KHS Kids Fatbike at Demo Day-1.jpg

Oversized moose mitts on this True North fat bike at the Bicycle Tailor booth.

Moose Mitts on a Fatbike-1.jpg

Royal Distributing demonstrated this really compact 1200 lumen bicycle light.

New Headlamp-1.jpg

Paramount Source for Sports had plenty of NORCO fat bikes to test ride. This paint job nicely blends in with the environment.

NORCO Fatbike at Demo Day-1.jpg

A Ritchey childrens fat bike with 24×4 tires. One of the attendees kid brought this bike.

Ritchey Kids Fatbike at Demo Day-2.jpg

West coast inspired paint job on this Rocky Mountain fat bike.

Rocky Mountain Fatbike at Demo Day-1.jpg

Rohloff belt on a fat bike.

Rohloff Belt on a True North Fatbike-1.jpg

Rohloff hub on a True North fat bike at the Bicycle Tailor booth.

Rohloff Hub on a True North Fatbike-1.jpg

Specialized brought this FSR full suspension power/pedal assisted fat bike.

Specialized FSR Pedal Assisted Fatbike-3.jpg

Specialized also had this tiny fat bike with 20×4 tires. It was really cute looking next to the adult fat bikes.

Specialized Kids Fatbike-20x4 at Demo Day-3.jpg

Backpeddling had this stack of fat tire rims. Rabbit holes, rectangular holes, or solid rims.

Stack of Fatbike Rims-1.jpg

Royal distributing brought this Surface 604 pedal assisted fat bike. They feature a more powerful motor.

Surface 604 Pedal Assisted Fatbike-1.jpg

Backpeddling also brought the Surly fat bikes. Here’s the Ice Cream Truck . . .

Surly at Demo Day-2.jpg

and Wednesday.

Surly at Demo Day-3.jpg

Tim Hortons’ mugs and snow globes were included with new and renewing GORBA memberships.

Tim Hortons at Demo Day-2.jpg

Tim Hortons Aberfoyle donated coffee and hot chocolate milk to the event!

Tim Hortons at Demo Day-5.jpg

Speed River Bicycle brought a fleet of Trek Farley EX 8 full suspension fat bikes.

Trek Farley EX 8 at Demo Day-2.jpg

True North and Tim Hortons had their Canadian moments.

True North and Tim Hortons at Demo Day-1.jpg

A tandem True North fat bike at the Bicycle Tailor booth! Just wow.

True North Tandem Fatbike at Demo Day-1.jpg

And lastly, a True North fat bike featured really unique handlebars.

Unique Handlbars-1.jpg

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