Posted by CANbike on Mon, 17 Feb 2014

Family Day Bike Ride at Guelph Lake (02/17/14)

In Canada it was Family Day, a statutory holiday! Went for a fun afternoon bike ride at Guelph Lake.

Temperature was a nice -9 °C.

Upon arrival, it was clear that many families were spending time outdoors as the parking lots were nearly full.

Lots of children, dog walker, cross-country skiers and hikers having a good time. All were friendly and chatty too. Guelph Lake has become a good place to cycle in the winter.

Of note, I ran into one of the kids/teens taken on youth rides during the summer. Alas, without the helmet, there was a pause before recognizing him. DOH! On the other hand, he recognized me instantly.

There were a few cyclists, in particular those with fat bikes. One dude had this awesome custom green True North fat bike with Bud and Lou 4.8” tires! The frame had some really nice craftsmanship.

The trails themselves were excellent. Lots of single tracks have been packed firmly by all the foot, ski, and bike traffic. Small and medium hills were climbable.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is looking poor. Five-ten centimeters of overnight snow followed by several warm days with rain. Nonetheless, it was a great Family Day to be outdoors.

Trail Conditions: Good!

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