Posted by CANbike on Sat, 19 Apr 2014

Easter Weekend Road Ride (04/19/14)

Fantastic weather today for the long Easter weekend. Temperature was around 11°C this afternoon. It was time for a road ride in shorts!


Some quick notes:

  • Most snow and ice has melted away
  • Plants were starting to grow
  • Not too many cyclists on the road, but most were friendly
  • Lots of cars and motorcycles in the country side
  • Most vehicles gave plenty of space when overtaking
  • No mosquitoes or flies
  • Surprisingly, no pot holes

Bike had not been tuned-up after being stored for the winter. Other than adding air to the tire, it ran fine. Chain could of used some lube, but it ran okay. Yay for the fixed gear bike! Simplicity and minimal maintenance at it’s best.

Anyway, Spring has finally arrived! Clear roads, warmer weather, and green plants.

Road Conditions: Great!

Bright Blue Skies and Sunny Weather

CANbike Road Ride-Easter Weekend-041914-01

A Farmer’s Two Wheel Horse Buggy Lawn Decoration

CANbike Road Ride-Easter Weekend-041914-02

A More Modern Two Wheel Horse Buggy Lawn Decoration

CANbike Road Ride-Easter Weekend-041914-03

Gloomy Grey Roads

CANbike Road Ride-Easter Weekend-041914-04

Greener Cheerier Roads

CANbike Road Ride-Easter Weekend-041914-05