Posted by CANbike on Fri, 13 May 2016

DIY Rock Sling Plans

Trail maintenance can involve heavy rock work. After volunteering for a number of trail days, it was observed that the two most valuable tools are a rock bar and a rock sling. A rock bar is useful for prying and leveraging rocks short distances. A rock sling is useful for carry rocks a further distance with a group of volunteers.

Unfortunately there have been a few trails maintenance sessions where there was no rock sling available. Either it was unplanned rock work, or the owner of a rock sling was unavailable.

These slings are made of chains and chain links. After conversing with the owners about their sling construction, and getting their design plans, I decided to build one for myself.

Before construction began, a query of the web was also made for some additional plans. Four were found.

  1. IMBA Canada Rock Sling
    A light use rock sling based off of Spartacus.
  2. mtb777 Rock Sling
    A rectangular sling posted by user mtb777 of mtbr.
  3. Austin Carrying Sling
    An Austin Carrying Sling. A “narrow profile for carrying rock up a narrow trail” posted by the user BonkedAgain of mtbr.
  4. Spartacus
    The Tom Erb designed rock sling for Gateway Off-Road Cyclists (GORC).

Spartacus looked to be the most complex and expensive to build. However, it featured the most robust design for demanding needs. Clearly it was my favourite choice to design a rock sling around. As a result, a modified CANbike version of Spartacus was built with an 800 lb working load limit. Those plans have been posted.

Click here to view the plans and read about the CANbike built rock sling

rock sling.jpg

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