Posted by CANbike on Thu, 26 Dec 2013

Boxing Day Winter Biking Madness 2013

As Frank Costanza (Seinfeld) would say,

A Festivus for the rest of us!

Joking aside, I decided to go mountain biking at Puslinch Tract for Boxing Day morning, and a buddy decided to join with his fat bike!

It was not so much a bike ride, but an adventure!

Trails were pretty good except for the numerous and never ending bent tree branches onto the trails.

The double track trails were definitely ridable, but still bumpy. Snow was a couple of inches deep, on top of a coarse layer of hardened rutted snow or ice. The fresh snow did help to soften the trail, and filled in some of the ruts formed by footprints. However, there were still numerous tree branches blocking the trails thus making it Hike ‘n Bike to the extreme!

An attempt was also made at the single tracks, but they were abandoned as too many bent icy tree branches blocked the trail.

Nonetheless, some of the forest views were still breathtaking with all the snow and ice.

In the end, conditions were crazy, but it was a blast and very much enjoyable to be on the trails for Boxing Day morning. If the weather cooperates next year, then this may become a new tradition for me!

Trail Conditions: Poor Due to Numerous Tree Branches

Boxing Day Bike Ride 2013-01-thumb.jpgBoxing Day Bike Ride 2013-02-thumb.jpgBoxing Day Bike Ride 2013-03-thumb.jpgBoxing Day Bike Ride 2013-04-thumb.jpg