bike (intransitive verb)

to ride a bike

can (verb)

know how to

About /

Hello! I’m a Canadian who likes off road mountain biking.

  • I CAN bike
  • I am a CANadian biker (the type with two pedals)

Hence, the name of the website “” / “”. Short, simple, and to the point.

Moreover, I could not resist the idea of email addresses for myself and family members. Saying “” is just too cool!

If I Can Bike, I Bike

If I can bicycle, I bicycle – Sir David Attenborough

Anyway, this is my personal website for blogging and sharing information. Primary focus will be on my off-road mountain biking in Southwest Ontario, Canada. While secondary focus, will be on random items that interest me when I’m not cycling. Such items may be about technology, entertainment, etc.

Only caveat, the site is a work in progress. It’s a hobby and things are added when time is aplenty!

Logo and Posters

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