Trail: Pemberton

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Mountain Bike Trails

Trail Map:
Length:100+ km
Province:British Columbia

Mountain Biking Trails

NameDifficulty RatingAreaLength (km)
306ExpertOne Mile Lake Area
BackpainsIntermediateMackenzie Area1.1
Bathtub TrailNoviceMackenzie Area1.1
Battery ParkAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Blood, Sweat & FearAdvancedMackenzie Area0.9
Bob GnarlyExpertMackenzie Area1.3
Brake-AwayIntermediateOne Mile Lake Area1.2
Chair TraverseIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Cloudbase 9ExpertMackenzie Area2.4
Cop KillerAdvancedMackenzie Area2.1
Cream PuffAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Dark ForestIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Dead BirchNoviceMosquito Lake Area
Dog BeachAdvancedOne Mile Lake Area0.5
EconolineIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Eight SecondsExpertMackenzie Area
FiftyIntermediateMackenzie Area1.1
Fizzy PopAdvancedOne Mile Lake Area0.5
Freak BoyAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Giv'rAdvancedMackenzie Area0.2
GravitronExpertMackenzie Area1.9
GravitroutExpertMackenzie Area1.3
Grumpy GrouseAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Hand JobIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Happy TrailsIntermediateMackenzie Area1.7
HawaiiAdvancedMackenzie Area1.4
High IndyAdvancedMackenzie Area0.5
Hwy. 99 TrailNovicePemberton – Town & Valley Area
Hydro CutIntermediateMackenzie Area0.6
Indy 500AdvancedMackenzie Area1
Jack the RipperExpertMackenzie Area6.8
Jim-JamIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
JK TraverseIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
K2AdvancedOne Mile Lake Area2.4
Lake LoopIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Let It GoAdvancedMackenzie Area1.9
Log and RockIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Log House TrailNovicePemberton – Town & Valley Area0.2
Lower Happy Trail (climb)IntermediateMackenzie Area
Lower Mackenzie CruiseIntermediateMackenzie Area0.6
Lumpy’s EpicAdvancedOne Mile Lake Area3.7
Mackenzie Basin LoopNoviceMackenzie Area
Main VeinAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Meat GrinderAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Middle EarthIntermediateMackenzie Area4.3
Mission ImpossibleAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Moby DickAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
MooseJaw ConnectorAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Mr. RogersIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Nairn/One-MileIntermediateOne Mile Lake Area2
Naylor’s TrailNovicePemberton – Town & Valley Area1.3
NewsflashIntermediateOne Mile Lake Area0.6
Nimby (climb)IntermediateMackenzie Area4.3
No ErrIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
One Mile Lake LoopNoviceOne Mile Lake Area
OverhillIntermediateOne Mile Lake Area0.8
Overnight SensationAdvancedMackenzie Area1.8
Owl ConnectorExpertMackenzie Area2
Pemberton Creek FallsAdvancedPemberton – Town & Valley Area
Pemberton Creek TrailNovicePemberton – Town & Valley Area2
PHDExpertRutherford South FSR3.1
Pickle SurpriseAdvancedOne Mile Lake Area0.5
PioneerIntermediateOne Mile Lake Area0.3
PsychopathAdvancedMackenzie Area0.8
Radio TowerIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Ramble OnIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
RessurrectumExpertOwl Creek FSR2.5
Rock and RollIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Rusty TromboneAdvancedMackenzie Area1.6
SadiesNoviceMosquito Lake Area
Scruffy’s BypassIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Sea to Sky Trail (One Mile Lake Area)NoviceOne Mile Lake Area2.3
SlingshotAdvancedMosquito Lake Area
Smell the GloveIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Special KIntermediateOne Mile Lake Area0.3
Sphincter RockIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
StimulusExpertMackenzie Area3.3
Strawberry FieldsIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
TeePee TrailNoviceMackenzie Area0.7
Tour de SooIntermediateOne Mile Lake Area3.1
Tower of PowerAdvancedOne Mile Lake Area1.4
Upper Mackenzie CruiseExpertMackenzie Area2.9
Valley LoopNovicePemberton – Town & Valley Area7.8
Waco ConnectorIntermediateMackenzie Area1.6
Walkers EndIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
Wolfs TrailsIntermediateMosquito Lake Area
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